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    Hi all out there who has just joined us at this discussion plate-forum. We are excited and happy to see you with us. Hope you are also feeling the same after joined us.
    The purpose of this forum is to provide a space to have healthy discussion with all the homeopathic consultants and homeopathic remedy finders regarding acute and chronic diseases/ailments.
    There are some rules you to follow all the time.
    1. Abusive language will not be tolerated by any one.
    2. Sentences based upon discrimination regarding gender, sex, color, cast and religion is also strictly prohibited.
    3. Be nice to others. Be humble and be a supportive and helping hand for others.
    4. No one is allowed to talk and post about politics and vulgarity.
    5. No one is allowed to talk about consultancy fees, exchange of contact numbers except admin otherwise, admin will not be responsible for any kind of mishap.

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